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Q - How long will the treatment take?
A - It’s difficult to be exact, depending upon the problem, however for a first assessment and treatment, allow up to an hour.
Q - What should I wear?
A - When you have treatment the physiotherapist has to examine you thoroughly to find the source of your problem which may entail removing some clothes . Please wear comfortable clothing and appropriate underwear to maintain your dignity.
Q - How many treatments will I need?
A - On your first assessment your physio will be able to advise you on how many treatments you will need. As much advice is given to you on how you may treat yourself at home to speed up your recovery and how to compensate for your working position.
Q - Will I be able to talk privately to my physio?
A - Yes most definitely. All the rooms have doors but if your condition is of a very sensitive nature some of the rooms are more isolated.
Q - I don't want to have time off work and I work shifts. Can I come in my free time?
A - Yes treatments can be flexible to accommodate your working hours.

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