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“I first used the Bridgeman Centre over 20 years ago when searching for help with a longstanding shoulder injury.  I’ve been back on numerous occasions since with a variety of problems and have nothing but praise for the treatment I’ve received.  I’ve been fitted in at short notice, been provided with an accurate diagnosis and have been given a thorough explanation of the problem and what needed to be done to cure it or to minimise the damage.  Without this help I’m sure I would never have been able to maintain my lifestyle.”  RD

“Eleven years ago, after suffering for several weeks with pain in my leg, I went for physiotherapy to The Bridgeman Centre.  After a consultation and examination it was diagnosed that my problem was with my back and not my leg as I had thought.  Since then I have been a regular client; whenever my problem reocurrs I know that a few visits to The Bridgeman Centre will relieve my pain.

A while ago I had an operation on my shoulder, and instead of going to the hospital’s physiotherapy department I chose to go to The Bridgeman Centre, as I was confident that they would sort out my after care.

At The Bridgeman Centre there is always a pleasant friendly atmosphere. I have recommended The Centre to friends who have thanked me afterwards for my recommendation.”    GW

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