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Physiotherapists use a number of different techniques including manipulation and mobilisation, massage, exercise programmes, electrotherapy (eg. ultrasound) and in some cases acupuncture.

What conditions does a chartered physiotherapist treat?
Physiotherapists are trained to clinically diagnose, but if we feel a patients needs and x-ray, MR scan or CT scan contact is made with the patient’s doctor, with the patient’s permission. After assessment, the condition and treatment are full explained before treatment is started. Advice is given on how to manage their problems at home and a home exercise programme is always given.

Treatments that may be used
The aim is to relieve pain, reduce inflammation/swelling and gain more movement in the joint and strengthen the surrounding muscles. Various electrotherapy i.e. IF, U/S, laser is used to reduce pain and inflammation. Passive mobilizations are used to increase movement in the joint. Soft tissue massage increases the suppleness of the muscle and increases the blood flow so speeding up the healing process. Appropriate exercises are shown to make the damaged joints more mobile and strengthen the muscles around the joints. Acupuncture may be used with the patient’s permission to relieve pain.

List of treatments:-

  • Physiotherapy
  • Alternative therapies
    • Reflexology
    • Indian head massage
    • Acupuncture
  • The Perrin Technique

More information on the Perrin Technique...

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